We’ve Got The Billy Shakes:

An upbeat introduction to theatre through the works of Shakespeare! Students will learn about sound, movement, and characterization and apply these new tools to create a tempest of their own right in their classroom using only their bodies, voices, and imaginations! This workshop makes Shakespeare’s stories and text exciting, accessible, and understandable to younger students. Perfect for your classroom or theatre space.

Recommended for groups of 12-15. GRADES 1-6

Step Into Shakespeare:

This workshop is designed to get the students on their feet, experiencing the text through the eyes of the characters. We begin with movement and ensemble work, which guide the students towards getting the characters in their body, and then segue into detailed text analysis of a certain scene or passage -- of your choosing! -- with an eye towards the characters' objectives and given circumstances. We then work together to develop an ensemble approach to the scene that physicalizes the characters' journey through that scene. This process-oriented approach allows an inside-out look at Shakespeare's language and encourages a collaborative artistic look at his stories. 

Requires room to move, recommended for groups of 10-20. GRADES 7-12

All The World's A Stage:

This workshop offers students the opportunity to develop their own 'concept' for the performance of a Shakespeare text, taking on the different perspectives of the actor, the director, and the designer. Ensemble exercises will help guide the students to a deep understanding of the chosen piece of text; then, each small group of students will determine the theme or idea they believe is at the core of the text. The teams will collaborate to 'produce' the scene in a unique way that brings their chosen theme to life! Students will discover how to enact and reflect on the type of theatrical choices that the members of a production team make to illuminate the themes of the work. 

Recommended for groups of 12-25. GRADES 7-12

Workshop in progress!
The talented presenters of the Boston Theater Company deepened our students’ understanding of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in a way that was rich and lasting. Sophie and her team challenged our students to make inferences about the characters’ motivations. The team also used a variety of active learning strategies to help our students build multiple pathways to their long term memories. Our students learned valuable lessons about the play, and they had fun.
— Dr. Philip Struzziero, Hingham High School

Our workshops can connect to any Shakespeare play that your class is reading, or serve as a general introduction to Shakespeare..

Our workshops are available in 60-, 90-, or 120-minute formats. For more information about bringing Boston Theater Company to your school or institution, contact Sophie at Education@BostonTheater.org.