Jeff Church

In a world dependent on technology to communicate, do we overlook the value of face-to-face communication? 

Boston Theater Company's new take on Shakespeare's beloved comedy Much Ado About Nothing introduced modern-day technology to the classic play's theme of miscommunication. Four couples decide to plan an ill-fated wedding, and hilarity ensues as they fake deaths, spread rumors, and do a bit of mischievous photoshopping. BTC re-worked the classic text with some of Shakespeare's most compelling sonnets and merged the original 24 characters to create eight unique roles in a 90-minute version of the play. This immersive, in-the-round staging of the timeless comedy also featured live original music.

Beatrice - Marge Dunn
Dogberry -  Liana E. Asim
Leonata - Amie Lytle
Benedick - Jeff Church
Don Pedro - Ben Heath
Hero - Lenni Kmiec*
Claudio - Quinton Kappel
Don Jon - Rob Cope

Directed and Adapted by Joey Frangieh
Musician & Composer: Nate Tucker
Scenic and Lighting Designer: Kevin Parker
Press and Media Relations: Allison McDonough
Production Stage Manager: Marc Franklin
Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Brown

Photos by Nile Hawver

*Denotes members of Actors' Equity Association