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Artist Athletic Association


AAA consists of artists and supporters of the arts who believe in teamwork, dedication, and commitment. The mission of the AAA is to promote health and wellness through physical activity while breaking the stereotype that arts and athletics are separate. Our goal is to showcase the similarities and break down the boundaries between athletics and the arts. We undertake physical events, proudly and loudly as artists, always dedicating our events to a Broadway diva or onstage legend. We believe that the arts and athletics are for people of all genders, races, abilities, sexual preferences, classes, and identities. We strive to break down the boundaries that separate us as humans, and hope to confront and challenge the constructed binary imposed between artists and athletes.

These themes are highlighted in our education program as we get students on their feet, out of their seats and into the bodies and minds of characters. We've turned Hamlet's internal struggle into human obstacle courses, we've used our bodies to create "machines" that capture the rhythm and emotion behind classical text, and we've created sequences of movement that represent the objectives of a character. Our uniquely physical and kinesthetic approach in our education program allows students to connect to the characters in a visceral, immediate way, offering a deeper and new understanding of text, while getting a taste of physical fitness.


Artistically we believe that, while theater is not a sport in the traditional sense, it requires teammates to come together in peak health and wellness to accomplish a unified goal. Actors and artists must lead a dedicated and committed life in all aspects. Artists must constantly be training their voices, bodies, and minds and must possess the qualities of endurance and perseverance. We believe this strongly mirrors the mindset and lifestyle of athletes and the AAA will work to demonstrate these connections by participating in athletic events and by weaving physicality into our educational and professional work.

We are on a mission to compete in athletic events with as much (biodegradable) glitter as physically possible!

Artist Athletic Association in the Metro


New Athletic Arm of the Company Breaks Down Barriers Between Sport and Art

BOSTON (Nov. 3, 2017) -- Boston Theater Company, a leader in new theater works and educational arts programming in the Greater Boston Area, today announced the launch of the Artist Athletic Association (AAA). The AAA will bring together artists and patrons of the arts from various backgrounds who believe in teamwork, dedication, and commitment both in the arts and in sport. 

The ideas for AAA spurred when Boston Theater Company producing artistic director Joey Frangieh ran the Boston Marathon in 2017. While many consider arts and sport opposite disciplines, both share dedication to teamwork, dedication, and commitment are. The AAA will strive to promote health and wellness through physical activity while breaking down the perceived societal barriers between sport and art. The group will also recognize sports’ performative elements by dedicating teams’ participation in sporting events to onstage legends, and will also embrace inclusivity by welcoming participants regardless of ability or body type.

“As artists we are constantly training our minds, bodies, and hearts and we work tirelessly to accomplish a unified goal,” said Frangieh. “Whether it’s crossing the finish line or mounting a world premiere, we are always working together to achieve something greater than ourselves. To me, arts and athletics are very similar in nature and I look forward to bridging the gap between them.” 

The inaugural AAA event will be the 2017 Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday, November 19, 2017. A group of artists will run under the team name “The Lupones of Patti,” celebrating Broadway diva Patti Lupone as they undertake the 13.1 mile run through the city of 

Cambridge – adorned with plenty of glitter, and perhaps singing a showtune or two, along the way. But the Cambridge Half Marathon is only the beginning for the AAA – members of the group also plan to run more races around Boston and beyond, as well as create team training workshops and host their own events. 

For more information about the AAA or to get involved, please contact and visit our website To watch the team in their kick-off run, come to the Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday, November 19. Visit for a map of the course and to cheer on the Lupones of Patti as they run by. 

About Boston Theater Company:

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Theater Company is a leader in new theater works and educational arts programming in the Greater Boston Area, most noted for its production of “Finish Line: A Documentary Play About the 2013 Boston Marathon.” Operating outside the traditional season model followed by most non-profit theaters, the company crafts each year with project-based programming, including staged readings, educational programming, and athletic events. The company champions collaborative expression, artistic integrity, and social responsibility. For more information about Boston Theater Company, visit