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Finish Line

American Theatre Magazine

"By focusing on the people directly affected in this case, and showing how they supported and healed each other, the creators of Finish Line aim to inspire feelings of hope, not fear..."

Paul Marotta photo

Paul Marotta photo

Paul Marotta photo

Paul Marotta photo

Broadway World REview

"...Finish Line as a love letter to the Boston Marathon, the City of Boston, and her people..."

Boston Globe Review

"With stellar cast, Finish Line bears witness to tragedy, recovery..."

NBC News

"Just a mile from the finish line of the Boston Marathon, actors are taking the stage in a new play highlighting the heroism, resilience and determination of dozens of survivors of the 2013 marathon bombings..."

Boston Globe

"..two years in the making, featuring excerpts from 88 candid interviews with runners, spectators, first responders, doctors, journalists, and many more..."

Associated press

"It's about the runners, it's about the spectators, it's about a city, a state, a country that chose to not allow an act of evil, an act of terrorism, an act of violence to define who we are..."

CBS Boston 

"...we don’t focus on the terrorists. We don’t focus on the bombing. I don’t care to know about them. I certainly don’t want to promote them..."

NECN Boston

"...Out of the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings emerged powerful stories of heroism and resilience in the face of evil..."

Fox25 Boston  

"...It's important that their stories be kept alive. And that their stories be told and people remember what happened that day..."’s the story of Boston and its people, and it’s from their mouths—word for word, pause for pause...

Past productions

I LOVED Boston Theater Company’s update of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. The production does as much justice to the heartbreak beneath the slapstick as it does to the romance
— Joyce Kulhawik, Boston Theater Critics Association President
Those with a good memory for the original [Romeo & Juliet] will be fascinated to see and hear how familiar lines function when re-contextualized... an admirable model of the sort of creative thinking that more companies should emulate when setting out to place Shakespearean drama in a contemporary American context.
— Ian Thal, The Arts Fuse
What makes this production [of Romeo & Juliet] a success are thoroughly charming performances in an immersive, theatre-in-the-round setting...This streamlined adaptation works well, and the show clips along, jettisoning us right into the action...
— Michael Cox, Edge Boston
Usually I am not one to sing the praises of Shakespearean works... But I must say that I was captivated at every moment in this production [Romeo & Juliet]. This piece was so accessible, particularly to a younger audience, and I felt as though it made the very well known story relevant once more.
— Alex Lonati, Broadway World Reviews